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Saltwater Baitcaster For Surf Fishing?

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Hi all, I recently learned that my current conventional reel, which I bought at a garage sale 2 years ago, is not the best for surfcasting. I am somewhat new to surf fishing and have done it a few times and have had success with my spinning setup. I have a  Shimano TMC-E76H 7'6" Heavy power and fast action rod. I know it's not that long for surfcasting, but I don't feel like buying a new one. I'm looking to catch mostly stripers and blues and my price range is around If you have any suggestions please include them. Thanks.

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if your looking for a low profile baitcaster, a daiwa lexa 300 will fit that rod nicely and casts well. Load it with 30lb braid. I have several different setups (7ft, 9ft and 10ft) with lexa 300's on them and I have no complaints. Give them a rinse with freshwater after fishing the salt and the usual end of season maintenance you will be good to go.


welcome to the forums, and give them a search with some keywords you will find lots of great info :howdy:

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Two years ago I bought a Penn fhatom low profile reel. It's a fantastic reel for the money.  You can't beat a Penn for easy maintanence, and durability. The reel is as smooth as silk in operation.

Welcome to the forum from Maryland.

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On 2/6/2024 at 10:01 AM, plinker said:

You can't go wrong with a Shimano Tranx.

One of the best but if he is concerned about money than not for him. Unless he can find a used one. 

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