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New Jersey Striped Bass Wintering locations

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Hey guys,


I have heard several theories (some of which are true) about where New Jersey’s bass go in the winter. Particularly the raritan bay bass. There are definitely bass that never leave the bay, pretty much year round. But I have heard theories that some fish winter offshore in areas like the mud hole. Then once the time comes they migrate to the bay during the spawning season. Obviously there are the Chesapeake fish but in my mind we don’t really see that stock of fish until later in the spring. 

Just wondering if anyone has any better understandings of this/theories.

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21 hours ago, surfflyguy said:

Well they go up the Hudson River and all the other rivers that drain into the bay. Some probably stay in Jamaica bay  some probably hang out in the western sound in all those little coves then in the spring ratitan bay is time square for bass 

What he said.

I know of a location that's stuffed with bass this time of year, I found the place by accident and to save them from intrusion, I visited a month later and they were still packed in there along with several large goldfish, I have not been back since, I let them keep their sanctuary and not to attract any attention.

They winter over in most places along the coast!


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4 hours ago, mkus said:

They will winter over in any river I’m in Ct and I catch them in a pond that freezes over and they’re very active I’ve had up to 10-20 fish on the screen chasing my jig!


Wow when was this? Nothing has iced over like this in a few years in lower Hudson valley

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