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We are a small NW museum.  We believe this rod to have been built 1920-30 based on what little provenance we have.  The guides are expertly attached.  The fancy work at the butt of the pole mimics that done by sailors for a hundred years or more.  The reel seat is a mystery.   The guides too are a mystery.  The signature area at the front of the butt has not yielded to our research.  We think the rod was probably built to be a salmon rod, the base is 3/4 inch in width.


We appreciate information on the guides, pole identification, and/or the reel seat.





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I have a similar rod. Mine is over 10ft long unfortunately someone wound on some more modern guides back in the 70s as a joke. 

mine came off Nantucket Island where it hung in Bill Fishers tackle shop for decades. Bill Pew gave it to me when he shut down and sold the shop. 

I would like to know  the proper guide also




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You could find some agate guides and agate tip tops to redo the rods. Yard sales,flea markets,and if you are good friends with your local tackle shops may be able to help.Plus on line e-bay,etc can be a source. I come across them on occaision. Just fit some on an old Iron City cane surf rod a friend was given[grand fathers].It's now on display in his mancave.

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