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Highway worthy kayak trailers

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I need a recommendation for a two kayak trailer that would be safe on the highway.  I have a castle craft/ trailex trailer for one kayak it is twenty years old and it’s fine for local transport but I wouldn’t trust it on a long highway trip.  I have looked for a new trailex two kayak trailer and a Malone trailer.  I am leaning to the Malone.  Any one have any experience with the Malone eco light two trailer?  Thanks any advise would be appreciated.I ched with Malone and they said that that trailer would be fine at 60 MPH but I would like the experience of my SOLbrothers 

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I have a Malone for the past 5-6 - years.  No problems on the highway and seems well make.  I did rewire it with some heavier gage wire and put a plug in the junction on the bar from the hitch.  This is a nice feature that lets you shrink the overall trailer it down for winter storage and put it in the garage against the wall or upright in a shed.  Bearings seem fine and rides nice.

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You should be able to upgrade Tire Size and Hubs. I pull a 16' Aluminum boat all over New England. I did not feel comfortable with the small wheels to haul. I did an upgrade on tires, hubs, and suspension. 




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I’ve had a 6 place magneta kayak trailer for about 7 years. I’ve hauled it from NNJ to Cape Cod and it rides pretty nicely on the highway.  They have two and four place models.  Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. 

My trailer will go up for sale here soon. No more scouts or big groups of school kids on my trips.  I had planned to build a gear box for the bottom and use it for trips for my wife and I, but I think we’re going to be pulling a teardrop camper around instead. 

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I’ve had a Malone for about 10 years, no problem with it. Everything has held up fine with it. Model is microsport. 

I chopped the tongue, added a folding knuckle and longer rail. Extended the chain so it comes off the fixed section and not off the front short fold. 

Two kayaks sit on saddles, added a front box, holders for paddles. 

The box sits on unistrut. Behind the box is a clam basket for wet clothes after. This too is mounted on unistrut. 






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We used an old galvanized boat trailer that I modified and hauled our 2 kayaks all over hells 1/2 acre from NE Md to the OBX. I flipped the bunks 90 degrees and bolted on the aluminum pipe.


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