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The Season- A Rundown 2024

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6 hours ago, LowEnd said:

Suck Fest 24’ update.

Fished this morning at first light, great conditions, cloudy and light wind.

Landed 3 blues around 5 lbs. and a 28” bass on poppers. Dropped 2 other fish and raised 4 or 5 more.

Blues we’re picky and came up for it but didn’t  attack it.


LowEnd tip of the day: fish when I am not, you’re destined to catch more.

FU As*Rod!

You know we are at the end of days when Bluefish are being picky!

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Got out this morning after 6 am. Absolutely nothing on the top of the incoming. Waited for the change.

Got a short bass and 3 blues to 5 lbs on poppers. Took a breakfast break and got another bass just shy of slot and another blue.

Raised many more today just couldn’t get the hook to stick.

Schools of bass and blues moving through quickly because they are not on bait. Short window to catch one.

Found this ugly **** washed up. Didn’t know they got this big. Must have been close to 8lbs.


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East end is solid , bass  early , late and dark with blues during daylight. 

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Went out last night. Water was thick and brown again. The bigger tides are grabbing tree crap from shore and frothing it around. 


Only went very near shore in a back water in WLIS. Looked like the new moon is bringing a hatch of some invertebrates. Only managed to land 5 shorts (22-29") pitching a 1/8 oz jig with a gulp sandworm. With that bait I shouldn't be surprised with the results I guess. Though they were fat for length so maybe some tail end migraters. 

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Made it out on the kayak the other day, trolled the TnW for a while with no luck. Bunker were back in the bay and I was marking some bass on the FF, though they were moving too quickly for me to cast to them effectively. Even saw a few top water hits on the bunker balls. Decided to try jigging light tackle BT and teaser (3" Gulp mullet) for fluke and/or porgy. Wound up getting slammed by a decent bass instead. It snapped my leader at the teaser dropper loop when it broke the surface for a nice jump though. Tried casting and trolling BTs after this but couldn't replicate. Eventually packed it up after the bay got flooded with jetskidiots and demboats. 

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Anyone seeing any fluke in the GSB? I saw a young fluke on the shoreline at night in late May, but spent 4 hours yesterday with only a sea robin to show for it. No else seems to be having much luck either. Blues are very active.

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Got one slot yesterday on the incoming otherwise dead.

On the out big blues showed up but didn’t stay long. Landed two, got bit off twice. Nice to have some drag being pulled again but sucks I’m out $40 in plugs. Took a break and got one more slot and another blue.

Today waited for the out. Got 6 blues today from medium on up. This one put up quite the fight..


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Wind and rain had the bay choppy and trashed up, but I’m glad that I ventured out anyway. Bunker were in — cormorants were mobbed up all over, local nesting pair of ospreys were also cleaning up. Found some overslot bass, to mid 30s”, on the bait. Got slammed a bunch trolling the tube, basically getting hit on every pass where I managed to not get the tube fouled up. Fat, hard fighting bass chasing the bunker, had a blast until the demboats converged and chased me out with their dueling sound systems. 



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Saturday AM, North Shore by boat. Good chop at the mouth of the Sound sent me back to the backwater around 5:30 AM. Last of the outgoing. Five bass to just under slot and one short fluke all on a Chartreuse/White Clouser minnow, 8 wt. Intermediate line. Bite died at slack, back in the marina by 7:15. 

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Did some wading on Sunday on the back side of an inlet. Wore a long sleeve shirt in case of bugs. Had decent wind so not a factor

Elbow got wet while casting. Didn’t think much of it. Monday this popped up.

Used to get this crap on both wrist and always thought poison ivy. Also a non factor where I went.

Maybe some bacterial crap in the water.

Weather is getting warm as well as the water.

Be careful if you wade in trunks or wet suit. Hate to see ya get this on the hey now!

Itches real bad!

Got skunked to boot.


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