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The Season- A Rundown 2024

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On 5/13/2024 at 9:33 PM, PhantomofTheSurf said:

Went out front today, water looked good but not a tap on an SP Minnow and a bucktail. Was hoping for something with the south blow. 

Someone snatched a whole pile of my gear right out in the open. It was like an assassin. They ran up to my gear, snatched it, and kept running. Couldn’t keep up in waders. 

They got about $200 worth of plugs.

Little did the thief know though, I have two of every lure I own. So joke’s maybe, halfway on them? 

I reported it. Be careful out there. Happened in the RM area. 

Did this happen right on the beach at night like you left your plug bag on the sand behind you or something? 

what in the world is happening here. I hope karma hits that low life like a freight train 

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Definitely need to hear more details about this story.  I bet a lot of us fish that area too.  Did you get a look at them?  Can you narrow the area down a bit?  Was there anyone else around who saw this?  Seems crazy this would happen but who knows nowadays.

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Gotta love ny...where the fishing reports include a police blotter. Such a crackhead move to swipe a plug bag. At least I hope it was a crackhead cause I'd hate to believe it was a fellow surf caster. 


Anyways, on non-larceny related matters in the western sound, a few days of not torrential rain had them back close to shore. Looked to be mostly 2017 add 2015 class fish. I also ran into a school of fish 14-18 inches, which are the youngest I've seen in maybe 2 years. So that was a good (though boring) encounter. 

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It was near the lighthouse, almost in line with it. I was the only fisherman there so I can sort of understand being targeted for my gear. Basically I was having a wind knot from popping, was fixing it, my bag has a shoulder strap so I let it down and turned around to fix the wind knot.


I felt eyes on me, turned back around and bam the dude already had my bag and was BOLTING for the lot. There was no way I was going to catch up and no way I was leaving my hellbender pros on the beach to lighten up. 

I keep essentially a copy of all my gear for quick adjustment in case I lose something. I have adjusted my tactics by getting a free standing bag with belt loops. Also after every cast with a popper I now check my spooled line. 

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Never heard of this happening in all the years I've fished the beach in the area.

Exact opposite.

Always been if someone finds a lost bag (usually in the parking lot) we go above and beyond to try and locate the owner.

Bridges are a different story.

Times are changing for sure.

Watch your six.


Leave your first name and # in a zip lock in your bag so the good people can get the bag back to you.

**** the U.N.

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2 hours ago, Rob A said:

I call bull**it on this whole story.  


What’s not to believe here?  


bolting to the lot from the Lighthouse? minimum half a mile bolt in the sand. 


the details on having duplicate of everything. 


the guy came right up to him as he took the bag off his shoulder to fix a wind knot? so he is like within a few feet of him. He was just waiting there. Hidden somehow in the open beach. Waiting for that perfect opportunity for a surf caster wearing a shouldered plug bag to put it down for a second. Then he came out of nowhere, grabbed the bag like he was doing a mugging in the parking lot of Roosevelt Field and BOLTED half a mile in sand to the parking lot at RM5 all the way from the waters edge in front (in line with) the Lighthouse. 


I have a question.


Was it light out when this happened? 


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Didn't want to say it, but the follow-up 'story' seemed a bit implausible and the reaction to the call-out is a very classic response when getting caught in a lie


If it did happen as you say it did, again, very sorry to hear that, but if it didn't, then this post belongs on @lying_about_striped_bass_theft IG and you should feel embarrassed that you wasted 3 pages of a thread dedicated to discussing fishing in our area

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