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On 12/20/2023 at 12:27 PM, Eeeeels said:

Anybody ever try the modified plugs?

They look great but I am hesitant….



I have a bunch they are legit, don’t cast as good as one loaded w bbs or water and they stay higher up in the water column and he’s always been very nice to deal with 

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25 mins ago, bdowning said:


My question as well. Looks like he sells them at fishing shows, but that's it.

With respect to the SOL community (including advertisers) I’ll keep my response brief and just say, for those interested, I’m not hard to find. 

btw, to date I have only attended 1 show as a vendor - Surf Day 2024. 

Oh, and before I go, I want to thank all of the above for the kind words. You all just made my day :th:

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1 hour ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

Agreed, I  rather load on my own.  He definitely loads up just about everything though. 

I don't know anyone that fishes these.. 

You do now. ;)  I have been fishing them instead of stock lures since their inception (2006).  They are a huge improvement over stock lures.  As for their "not being cheap" you buy this lure once.  It is indestructible.  Unless you snap it off on a cast or snag it or something, it will last a lifetime with soap and water after use.  I have one from 2006 and it has at least 2000 bass on it.  I am waiting for one of the swivels to just give up. :)

DaveC <0))))))))))))><

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