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Cleaning lathe bed

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Wire For Fire

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So lathes few years old and lives in garage and starting get some light surface rust..  gonna give her a good once over before it gets worse . 

so what’s y’all doing ? I’m thinking prob just steel wood and some w-d should handle it .. then wipe down with some oil .. 


any tips , tricks , do’s or don’ts ? 

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Scotch-brite pad with some Boeshield T-9. Apply just enough to dampen the pad(I cut a small 1x2 inch piece and just use that) and gentle rub all rusted surfaces. Then wipe off with a paper towel. Then put a little T-9 on a clean paper towel and wipe down the surfaces again this time letting it dry on the surfaces.


You don't need a lot of the T-9. A little goes a long way. I have also done the same thing with Corrosion-X when I ran out of the T-9. 

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When I moved my machine shop I had all the tools stored in the garage till I could get the basement space built out. the weather went from cold to warm and humid, the cold tools condensed the moisture and were covered in rust! Gah! The more you know....


Scotchbrite & WD is my goto. Thing to remember is the mineral oil in WD is very light and doesn't last the way a heavier oil coat will unless you recoat fairly frequently. 

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I was talked into this stuff from machinest at work .. says it what  he uses since Johnson paste wax is no longer made.. 


didn’t read the can close enough when I bought but has petroleum distillet in it .. hopefully it doesn’t funk with wood. It’s such a thin film I couldn’t imagine it being an issue.. wd-40 and scotch bright , degreased with alil alcohol and then light coating of wax .. 


will say the tail stock never been so buttery 


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All of my my cast iron machines are rusted and have been for years. 

I suppose I should do something about it :freak:

They will need more than a scotch brite pad. 


I used to clean and paint the machines in my dad's tool and die shop for my summer job as a kid.

I still have the scars from the cutting tools as reminders. 

Maybe that's has something to do with the lack of maintenance.

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