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Two great surf reels, I've turned 100+lb sharks against the current on both the 200 and the 250. The 200 is a great reel for just about any 10' rod while I favor the 250 on heavier 10' sticks like the 120 1M and on 11' rods.

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My feedback is related to the vs and vsx. 

I dont own a vsx2 and doubt I will.  You will need to poll folk specifically for the differences in that model.  Visually the vsx2 reels have a larger footprint, they might as well be considered a completely different reel....which they are.


The VS and VSX Vanstaal base design was engineered pre braid during a time when there were heavier rods.  So heavier rods and line capacity considerations for mono.  We have lighter rods and use braid now.


The weight difference between the two is probably negligible, but if I had to pick one reel to put on a 9,10, 11 foot surf rod it would be the 200.   I own a vs 150 and although it balances better on a 9', I prefer the beef of the 200. 


The amount of backing on a vs200 is nuts and I use 80# backing and have 200 yards of casting line that I replace.  I am not a big fish hunter but have had plenty of 40# class bass and they simply do not take that much line.  I fish a tight drag and have never seen backing.  If you fish in the northeast for striped bass, you dont need a whole lot of backing.


Reasons to consider a vs250 or larger.

  1.  you intend to only fish 11 foot rods
  2. You need a faster pickup
    1. Fishing heavy current (speed to pick up line at end of a swing)
    2. fishing deep water (speed to pick up line at end of a swing)
    3. Fishing primarily fast presentations
  3. Casting distance (Spool diameter affects casting distance)


So if the above considerations are true, consider  a vs275.  The pickup differences/spool diameter of a 200 and a 250 is not much, but the larger spool will increase retrieve speed and casting distance slightly.  There are senarios where that is important but I would consider them niche and neglible between the 200 and 250.


I have entertained buying a 250 or 275, but have never really needed one.  I do own a vs200 and a vsx200.  They get the most use.  My vs100 and vs150 get used about 2% of my outings.

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250 for heavier rods and heavier braid in rocky spots...inlets, Montauk. 

Otherwise 200 a little lighter tends to balance a bit better with the newer 10/11ft sticks, if balance is an important consideration to you., it never was for me. Then again I'm lefty so a VS 200 was never an option, all VS 250's on the 9 thru 11 foot sticks. Couple VR's now too, feel good on some of these new gen sticks.

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5 hours ago, Kones1 said:

I own a 50 a 100 and a 150. 200 and 250 is too big/heavy for me personally. That 150 does all I ask and then some. Those bigger reels hold more line and the drags may be take more but stripers from shore don't need all that. The canal perhaps. Tuna from a boat that 250 would get it done 

I agree on the 150...

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