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Recommendations for 8wt

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14 hours ago, Trelt said:

Right now the 3 rods I've been taking heavy consideration of are the TFO Pro, TFO LK (If I feel the need to spend a little more) or the Echo Ion XL. The only reason I kinda steered away from the Echo Ion XL a bit is because some people say it doesn't "feel" much compared to others.. but tbh I plan on doing mostly top water so that wouldn't really be an issue lol.

I have 2 Echo fresh water rods

6&7 they get the job done well , one thing I try to do is always request an extra tip before delivery , tips do break and it’s great to have that extra one in the truck available , I have other rods with extra tips 8&10 for saltwater again when traveling it’s always available.

  If it has fins i want to catch it 

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I saw that you mentioned the SA Titan Long line.  If you are capable of casting more than 40ft stay clear of it. The first 30ft might be +2 but the 'long' belly part means the entire head is massively overweighted. One of the worst casting lines I have tried. 

The original Titan taper was great. Why the hell they thought this was better is beyond me? 

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Not exactly sure what length head you prefer, but the Rio Smallmouth line has 38ft head plus a handling section.  Sierra has it on sale (6wt, or 8wt) for $49.  The head portion is an orange color so easy to track and make sure your line isn't hung up on the veg.


I have a much older version of this line that I like for short presentations with big flies.  It was a dull olive green and meant to match the Sage Bass rods.  That line is very difficult to find now. 



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I fly fish for freshwater bass often and the Fenwick Aetos makes one of the best value rods for freshwater.  * The 5wt is a great all-rounder for trout on the Farmington River.




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