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Squid are taking over the ocean

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There is a new documentary out about how squid are exploiting Humans over fishing the ocean. As squids predators decrease and there ability to reproduce in massive numbers increase how do you guys see this changing how you fish?? this is the 3rd year in a row my lobster traps have been loaded with squid eggs in CCB.


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Cue the mainland Chinese fleet.


They're chasing squid all over the world's oceans, even invading other nation's EEZs (Argentina's being a prime example) to do so.


There are probably enough of them to replace the missing marine predators, and then some.

"I have always believed that outdoor writers who come out against fish and wildlife conservation are in the wrong business. To me, it makes as much sense golf writers coming out against grass.."  --  Ted Williams

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8 hours ago, codfish said:

Bob when you were commercial lobstering were your traps loaded with squid eggs come August in CCB?


I bet those are a delicacy somewhere in Asia...or maybe everywhere in Asia :idea:

Show someone how to catch striped bass and they'll be ready to fish anywhere.
Show someone where to go striped bass fishing and you'll have a desperate report chaser with loose lips.

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Me an my wife do an annual Rhode Island fishing trip Columbus day weekend.  We fish a popular inlet there.   Tried every darn lure to catch stripers.  They go right by infront of my feet every year.  I am mostly fishing crab for tog.   End of 2022's trip a local guy tol me to put some squid out.


I cut squid into small triangles that look like squid on a hi/lo rig.  Caught 5 or 6 stripers on each moving tide phase.   A striper even hit a neighbors tog rig with a crab on it.


Caught a few Albies with the squid too.  Maybe 5 or so the whole long weekend.  Even caught a King mullet in the back bay when we moved spots during slack tide.


MY wife loves to fish, but can't walk the rocks due to arthritis in her hip.   I got a bad disc in my neck, so I can cast all day like I used to.  Pretty much bait fish and keep a rod free for lures when there's a blitz or I get bored for 15 minutes or so at a time.

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4 hours ago, codfish said:

Bob I only fish double parlor, so when they are loaded front to back with squid eggs the pot hauler makes quite a racket:eek:

I forgot. No squid eggs, but I did pull up the wing of a T6 Texan once in South Buzzards Bay. The T6 was the plane the Air Force used to train pilots in WW2.

When I reported it, an Air Force Col and two enlisted men showed up at my home an confiscated it. :banghd:

The Sultan of Sluggo

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