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Figuring out an old murcury outboard.

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So I recently purchased my first boat and I’m trying to fix up the outboard. It’s not peeing so I’m going to guess that the water pump needs to be replaced. Managed to get it started using starting fluid but can’t keep it running. Seems like a fuel delivery issue so I was going to start with cleaning out the carbs. Problem is I can’t do any of this until I know what parts to get and get a service manual. I looked up the serial number on Crowley marine and it’s comming up as a 1993 mercury 60elo. What’s throwing me through a loop is that there is a jet pump assembly parts diagram for that model. I’m new to boats but that seems like it would be for a jet drive outboard then again I could just be an idiot.  The serial number is 0d237464. Can someone help me out. Thank you.




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It's a good idea to replace the water pump impellor anyways, but be sure the port where it pees is not all blocks up. Mud daubers (wasps) love to fill that hose and fitting and it's like cement once it gets all dry and caked in there. Use a thin piece of wire to poke through the fitting and hose to be sure that it's clear of any obstructions before testing.

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Its very possible that someone converted it from jet drive to prop. Engines are generally made in 3 interchangeable modules. A given powerhead (the engine part) will be the same for many hp ratings with slight variation in either carbs or intake manifold. Then midsection which determines shaft length and finally the lower unit which can be jet drive or prop. Prop being made in small (about 20 hp or less), medium ( about 35-75 hp) and large ( above 90 hp). 

As long as you get a 93 waterpump kit for a 3 cylinder prop lower unit, you should be good. In a case like yours though, it might be worth paying a visit to a dealer to figure out what exactly you have so you know what to get in the future.

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33 mins ago, Bigred78 said:

Had it running for 30-45 seconds. I’m new to boats could be wrong but I would think that’s long enough to get it to go

Not really.  Usually takes a little longer.  How are you supplying the water?  Muffs?  


Get it running and if it does not pee after say a minute (play with muffs too as they need to be correctly placed) shut it down. Do not overheat. DO NOT REV ENGINE


Be careful using starting fluid as there is no oil 



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