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Help setting up my Lorance hook 7XTS sounder

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Having a bitch of a time setting my fish finder.  Tried to use the Lorance help line but no go.  I fing couldn’t understand him at all. Any ideas.?  The sounder is about five years old. Are there people out there who can help a technically challenged anger?

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You post is to vague .  Post more info on what you need /want done. Do you need help installing it.  Mounting it.     Fine tuning the machine for your waters ? 


It's a pretty basic machine.  I usually want my surface noise clarity at med or low. I like my scroll speed fastest.  Auto on the depth.  The higher you set these setting the more it will filter out trash on the screen.  I like it to where I can see some trash my self . I let my brain filter out what is a fish and trash at that point. If set to high you can filter fish out of your scree .   The other setting is med or auto I believe on sonar .  I like to do split frequency duel screen .  One high and one low. I perfer one white background and the other blue on traditional  sonar.  Side scan doesn't matter to me..    


I perfer my transducer to be angle down slightly from the transom  edge. Maybe 1/4 inch below a strake. When you start moving the water pressure will flex it back upwards level. This is most people issues. This gets the air bubbles off the transducer  and give clearer picture when running. I can pick up reading at 15 mph on my gheenoe and more on my big boats.  I have hook5 on my gheenoe .trout boat.. 



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