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Solo or Group

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Drew T

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9 mins ago, Nabobish said:


Easier to change plans, locations or techniques on the fly.



I like fishing with others at times, it adds a more fun social aspect, but with kids/work/coaching/etc solo is easier so you can adjust as needed and not impact others.

^^ I didnt even notice it didnt get censored, I guess anal is acceptable in SOL....
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Nothing beats fishing with a company. 

i use 2/3 rule for trading. join date, posts, or vouch. whoever has less goes first.

(*member formerly known as 'ooeric')

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I like fishing with one or two other guys, it's just really hard to pull off given that 90% of the time I'm deciding to go out with very little notice.  it's seldom a matter of "hey guys, I'm fishing at 9am Wednesday, want to come with me"  it's more like "sweet, my inbox is in good shape and the wind just layed down, I'm out!"

I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

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Solo, I'll fish with a single good buddy from time to time but nothing beats standing on a night rock without anouther soul around.

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