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Zeebaas, Van Staal, Visser?

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21 hours ago, JoeGBreezy said:

I'm a VS guy. I have a 4 size Visser which is really nice but has only been through one season. Van Staals are almost bullet proof.

Penn also makes a sealed reel, the Torque. None of these are cheap.

Wish they still made the Torque, what a machine

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On 11/30/2023 at 7:59 AM, VanStaalSteve said:

I would highly recommend buying a VS/VSX. I have been using them since 1992 and have only had one major problem with one reel. Last season I had a problem with the anti reverse on a fairly new VSX150. Saltwater Edge fixed it quickly for no charge because the reel was only six months old. 

Good advise . If he's looking for a new one there all but dried up. 

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Gen 2 vr 150 send in for service just because...less then 3 trips later drag clicker disintegrates and breaks off on a fish...its really is all garbage anymore and i trust no brand....sent reel into penn slammer 3500...they fully rebuilt the reel...new spool new gears...sent me all the parts back under 50 bucks i was so stoked...4 trips later its ****in seized and its a paperweight....do i send it back again

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