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Shimano Ultegra 14000 vs Daiwa Emblem 45 scw vs Penn Spinfisher VI long cast

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Exploring options for an Outer Banks spinning setup. Primarily for 3 to 4 oz and a small bait rig, and a stingsilver setup on my Sling Shot. Rod pairings yet to be determined for bait fishing.  No experience with either, I'm strictly a VS user for plugging NE beaches. Consensus seems to be the Ultegra has too much body flex under load causing premature internal wear. Seems the UK carp crowd prefer the Daiwa. The Penn an aluminum body maybe a bit more robust than the others. Any experience with either would be appreciated....

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  • surfrat59 changed the title to Shimano Ultegra 14000 vs Daiwa Emblem 45 scw vs Penn Spinfisher VI long cast

I own the Areo-Technium 10000, Daiwa Tournament Basia QD45, Daiwa Saltiga Surf 4500 and 6500, Emblem Surf 35QD SCW, Tournament Surf 45QD SCW and Penn Spinfisher VI 5500LC (I found both the 6500 and the 7500 to be too heavy for my arthritic hands), all of which have been used in the application you state, but up to 150gram (5.25oz) lead and metal up to 4oz Stingsilver/Diamond Jig.  I have never experienced a failure due to casting, whether Hatteras, Brighton or OTG cast (I lack the lower body mobility for pendulum casts).  I strictly employ reel-down/Pump up during the fight, regardless of perceived fish size, so as to firmly entrench the technique as a habit.


This retrieve was recommended to me by a Shimano tech when I acquired my first USA LC Shimano, which was the Sustain, and I have applied it ever since, even with my Van Staals, again to make the retrieve technique of reel down/pump up an automatic technique.  Accordingly, I have never had a "bent shaft/bent worm" issue.  Some of these reels mentioned are 20 years old (Daiwa Tournament Basia QD45, Daiwa Saltiga Surf 4500 and 6500).


Not sure who told you that the UK Carp crowd prefers the Daiwa products over the Shimano. there seems to be an equal distribution of both in both European Carp and Sea Fishing (which is what they call salt water shore fishing) YT videos. My own personal preference for all-around surf fishing are my Daiwa's, because they lend themselves to being splashed while unhooking a fish.  Even though the Tournament Basia and Saltiga Surf are both coated magnesium, they are a "washable design" with the appropriate body seals, which I supplement by packing the body with Penn Reel grease.  The latest Daiwa's that I purchased from France (Emblem Surf and Tournament Surf) have a mag-sealed body and roller bearing.  With the exception of my Gosa 5000, which has X-Protect, the Shimanos are allergic to salt water and need to be fished accordingly.  I do not use them at night (cannot see the wave until it is too late while unhooking a fish) and keep a step-in sandspike near the water's edge during the day.  My shock leaders are long enough for me to be able to spike the rod during unhooking, while handling the fish with the shock leader.


You may want to consider the Shimano Medium Baitrunner LC Reel.  Not sure of the line capacity, but my heaver reel is a Big Baitrunner LC, and it holds 500 yards of 50 lb Power Pro.  In addition, it has a standard progressive drag for both the baitrunner function on the rear and on the front of the spool.  A rare feature on LC Spinners, either Daiwa or Shimano.  One of the reasons I love my higher maintenance Saltiga Surf reels is because they have the standard progressive drag.  The Penn Spinfishers also have this drag in the LC models.  These two models are my go-to reels for LC Plugging.  The others are mostly used for LC Bait Fishing, with the drag practically in free-spool when the rod is spiked.  Notably, my LC Bait rods are either 13 or 14 ft, and my spikes are approximately 4ft long.  This keeps the low-diameter (30lb PP) line high in the air.  I highly recommend using either storm, frog's tongue or sputnik sinkers with a clip-down or very short leader slap-shot rig of 6 ft length, so the fish pulls up the sinker when the circle hook sets.  If you are wondering, my LC plugging rods are 10.5 to 12.25 ft in length.


Regarding your shock leader, assuming that you are using braid main line, I have gone to Hollow Braid spliced to the main line using a DaHo reverse catch needle.  For 4oz or less total payload, I use 60lb PP hollow Ace. For heavier payloads, I use 100lb test Diamond Braid.  I have a half-spool length worth of wraps on the reel.  The drop depends on the length of the rod, the length of the terminal rig, and the cast.  The drop for a pendulum or OTG should be close to the reel seat.  For the other casts my drop tends to be somewhere between the ferrule and the top of the handle, so a little more that half the rod length.  I prefer a long drop, because it allows for the cast to be slowed down.


Hope this helps.  Welcome to LC Surf Casting - be careful of the addiction that follows.  Almost as bad as lure addiction, and a lot more expensive.

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Flatwing thanks for the detailed reply. Working on a spinning combo for 3-4 Oz metals and maybe 5 Oz sputnik and small bait

 On the way is a Century SS1506 and an Ultegra 14000 xte. Will tape on a Breakaway cannon and work with it up at the hs fields. I'm also pump and reel in most situations so I assumed the graphite build on the Shimano wouldn't be a real issue , got it lightly used at a good price so it can/will be upgraded at some point. Yes can never have too many Rods and reels...

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On 12/3/2023 at 7:00 PM, BrianBM said:

Flatwing, if in my next life I find myself an OBX regular, I will consult with you. That's an impressive post.

Thank you sir.  I miss OBX, but the drive is too long for me to do by myself, and Buxton Beach motel closed shop, I believe because of the Pandemic.  Still have 2 of my heavers and am building a 13ft 6 to 16 oz Diawa Tournament Surf as a travel rod, along with a 13ft 2 to 10 oz Ballistic Surf, also 3 piece.  If I can get my right leg knee and hip straightened out, who knows?


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Surfrat59.  I currently use an Aero Technium 14000 XTC, and several 14000 Ultegras for dunking baits like whole shrimp or live baby goatfish.  I'm casting these baits with lead ranging from 4-8oz and using Breakaway Cannon's on all of my rods.  These reels are filled with 40-60lb hollow core and are connected to 50-80lb wind on leaders.  No shaft bending or stem flexing problems encountered when catching Ulua (GT) up to 30lbs.  You could use way lighter braid than I use.  I fish in rocky areas in Hawaii.

I have used both Shimano and Daiwa long casting reels since the early 90's when Daiwa had the SS9000 and over time have settled on Shimano.  Neither brand has ever done me wrong with LC reels.  The Daiwa feels stronger and the Shimanos seem smoother to crank.  I feel I get more distance with the Shimanos.  Easier to get the Shimano serviced.  I rinse my reels with freshwater after each outing and haven't had corrosion issues with the magnesium bodies. 


Currently using CTS S8 and S7 rods with Daiwa Tournament Ballistics 33 and 35 as back up rods.

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I fish the shimano ultegra c14 on a gloomis 8ft rod. Casts a mike great line lay. I think the reel is sealed and water resistant. Excellent drag. Very durable. 40lb max quarto line. Not familiar with the daiwa. Would buy c14 over the penn

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