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Girls are way harder

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1 hour ago, HugeDinghy said:

How do you get divorced when your kid is four? 

I got a co-worker pregnant. I tried to make it work, but it was not a match made in heaven. My ex-wife is Peruvian with a temper. My daughter is half Irish/half Peruvian. My ex and I put aside our differences after the split to raise her the best we could. If we needed to switch days or weekends for family things, or anything else, we did not put her in the middle of anything. My friend had twins, and when they got divorced, they put their kids through the wringer, and the kids wound up in therapy. 

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5 hours ago, Billybob said:

I don't know, I have boys.

Wouldn't mom pick up a bigger role with the girls?



noooooo.......they fight with mom.  dad has to be the diplomat - fair enough that the daughters still respect you but backing up mom enough that she doesn't feel ganged-up against.


you have it easy, trust me :th:


I've done stuff I ain't proud of, and the stuff I am proud of is disgusting.

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My daughter would call up from school, crying that she left her homework assignment on her bed, begging us to bring it to her school. My oldest son, got a detention (in first grade!), trashed it on the school bus cause he didn't want to get in trouble, then a week later when he didn't get off the school bus my wife was frantic until she called the school and found out he was in detention. She went to pick him up and he comes out all happy as a calm she's there to get him. I really suspect more boy children are beaten than girls. But there's a reason for that. 

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As the dad of one of each I would say they both have their challenges and rewards. I wouldn’t say one is harder to raise than the other . You have to find what works for each one for corrections. They can and probably will be completely different. At different ages they will both drive you crazy. I tried my best to teach them both to be tough, but responsible and to own the mistakes. Your mileage may vary 

BLM - Bass Lives Matter 

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I had just used the bathroom and then my daughter said she had to use the potty. She still needs a little help in there so I bring her in. Keep in mind I had the exhaust and sprayed air freshener. 


She sniffs "What smells in here? Did someone poop in here? WHO POOPED IN HERE? IT STINKS!" 


She's almost 3. Thank God it was our bathroom at home. 

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