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Girls are way harder

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We went to that wedding on LI a couple of months ago. That was the last of my niece and nephews to marry off. She told me at the ceremony that I was always her favorite. I literally went ten for ten with them with all the family kids, as far as being favorite uncle.  I bring it up every get together. Probably a time and half, average wise.  

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3 mins ago, Kings over Queens said:

MIne worked most of the bugs out by the end of High School.  It's gotten exponentially better since then.  She's a different person.  I'm the same jerk. :laugh: 

:) but she still puts you on a pedestal , trust me

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24 mins ago, hobobob said:

Just that one. Spidey. 

Ya gotta watch the quiet ones too…. Johnny boy got called to the principals office because a girl in his class told the teacher he said she has big boobies. Principal asked him if he said it and he said nope…. I told her I wanted to kiss her boobies. At least he dint lie so we got that going for us. 

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My daughter is now 31. I  was a single dad after the divorce with split custody, no alimony, and no child support from when she was 4. 

She used to love to go fishing, stomping in the woods, camping, etc. Until around middle school.  Middle school and high school  the head phones went on in the car , she was a lot less communicative. I  became a taxi driver ATM machine driving her and her  cousins or friends to the movies or the mall, as well as getting stuck at the mall. After she got out of college, she went back and forth between staying at my house or her mother's. She is out on her own and self-sufficient, but I am going with her to buy tires for her car so that she doesn't get ripped off next week. I am going to pay for the tires even if she wants to herself.  

This past Father's Day it was her idea that we went fishing for the first time in years. 

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