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Girls are way harder

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5 mins ago, Patrick9915 said:

I only have my daughter but when she wants to be difficult, she's hard. But then she is also the sweetest. I was putting away her summer toys yesterday and she said, "Can you build me a garage so I can work with tools when I get bigger?" 

That right there is ****ing awesome

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13 mins ago, Billybob said:

I don't know, I have boys.

Wouldn't mom pick up a bigger role with the girls

nope it was on me.. I was perplexed when I explained boys are bad.. Then my first trip into the tampon aisle 

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7 mins ago, Heron25 said:

Girls are different, I wouldn’t say harder.  My daughter has motivated and changed me to be a better man because I don’t want her to end up on a pole.  

What? I agree my 6 females are tough on me but no pole was ever in the mix.

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3 mins ago, Patrick9915 said:

She also wants to go fishing. We are going to chase sunnies in the spring. Also want to bring her to the touch tanks in Norwalk so she can touch a shark. 

Its all about spending time , they don't care what it is I've found. It could be fishing or making monkey bread (clover's favorite)

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4 mins ago, bigfish4me said:

My daughters 27 & 24 were easy, my sons at 8 years old are much more difficult…. I don’t call them chuckleheads for nothing 

chuckleheads!! Best description I've heard :)

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