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How strong is 10 lb test Suffix 832 braid?

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I know this 4” ronz soft plastic sand eel (see pic below) doesn’t have the strongest hook in the world…But I was using 10lb suffix 832 braid and 15lb lb flouro leader when I got snagged on the bottom. It was the hook on the jig that lost the tug of war battle




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The fact that the leader was 15 lbs is the reliable number here. That is not likely to “overtest” as much as the Suffix 10 lbs would. 

You must’ve had an interesting snag with the right angle for leverage with less pressure to get that much hook bend without snapping the leader. 

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I looked at Aquaholik’s Dropbox data. He had a Suffix performance braid in 10 lbs that tested at 23 and 832 in 15 lbs tested at 33.5.


Suffix 832 is a braid that runs thick and understated box strength to tested strength. To that point, Spiderwire stealth is a similarly thick but strong braid and the 10 lbs there goes from 28-32 lbs on the same test data sheet. 

I suspect this 10 lbs 832 is probably in the 25 pounds range - give or take. 


I would have expected the 15 lbs leader to break by then. But then again, I would also probably use 20 or 25 lbs leader to maximize the strength and odds of getting my jigs back.

(With a possible compromise of a uni knot to the clip to make that a weak point. Break offs at the clip are a quick fix versus a braid to leader knot in the field or worse- losing braid.)

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# test means nothing, manufacturers can advertise the strongest 10 lb test in the world because it's 20 lb test just like hook sizes vary between manufacturers but # class means line will break at or below stated strength 

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