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November 2023 Fishing Reports

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14 hours ago, DeeMonee said:

Just like @Inshore said. Today was bananas.


Pre sunrise, variable W wind, flat ocean, end of incoming. Lots of life out there. Mix of quarter size peanuts to adult bunker in the wash. We even saw a black fish cruising the lip.


Started with the Ava and teaser. Immediately doubled up twice in a row. I doubled up again but the leader broke this time. Lost the Ava but still had the teaser and fish on it. Wasn’t getting any hits after switching to another Ava. Made a move and got several more on shads. That slowed and saw guys catching on sand eel paddle tails. Changed to the tsunami and caught more for awhile then changed to a BT.


The stretch died after awhile and made another move. They were at the end of casting range and slapped on the popper and basically went with top water for the remainder of the day.


Ended with about 40+ fish. 




As usual, it's all about the angle of the shot. That first photo of the 75 lb bass says it all!

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Started south early. Nice mix of bait around. Seen a school of mullet cruising. 3 on metal/teaser before the trek north. Found large schools of peanuts getting smashed in range once I crossed the border. Nice mix of fish from 24 to 36" all on top for about 2 hours. Took one home for fish tacos tonight!



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2 hours ago, Whortleberry said:

..and dried Hydrangeas, by the looks of the one it spit up.

Actually, adding hydrangeas to the picture is a skill learned at the @DeeMonee School of Fishy Photography… although it does not appear the proper usage of the Rule of Thirds was  applied in this example 

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Yesterdays report

Sand eels, peanuts and adult bunker everywhere and the fishermen were too!!  Everyone cooperating and catching fish through most of the day.  Saw Nick Honachefsky and his camera crew recording the action for a future show. 

Three of us had around 40 fish to about 32''  Fun stuff, hope it keeps going into deep December.

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12 hours ago, fishingnuke said:

Twenty five years ago I had a young newbie  ask me for a list of decent jetties and beaches to fish in my area around Long Branch. Today he called and and said believe it or not I kept that list in my log and today is the anniversary of first time I fished Long Branch now get your old ass down here because it’s going off! Needless to say numerous bass were caught but the best part of the day was knowing I helped this guy become a great fishermen 25 yrs ago. 

Good stuff!

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