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Bob Hahn Plugs


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Been on here reading for awhile but first post here!!!


Recently picked these up. Was wondering if anyone can give me an approximate value on them and age? All are new and still in the package.  From what I have read I understand he produced them in NJ and FL later on. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Bob Hahn.jpeg

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Caught countless Bass on Bob's creations. I first came across them around 1988 in a little shop in Lavelette NJ selling for $6.00ea. This was before he packaged them. As I understand his Dad introduced him to the craft. The only problem I ever had was that BlueFish loved them as well.

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1 hour ago, BobbyB89 said:

Anyway to tell if they were made in NJ vs FL ? 

The older ones made in NJ had name on package curved a little.The FL ones were straight.

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8 mins ago, LB said:

l bought a bunch in the late 90s from Ramsey Outdoor they were either dropping the line or getting out of the saltwater fishing, all still in their package, l have the same colors as shown above.

Nice! Was thinking 90s on them but wasn't sure 

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