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Two Hand Spey Casting

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reel em in

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5 mins ago, reel em in said:

Very few of them out there as you know.  You have the 11 ft Exocett Surf rod and so do I. Now if they only made a 13 Ft rod like the 11 ft Exocett Surf rod I would have one.  

That would deff be interesting. I need to get back into my using the Exocett surf rod for shore fishing on the Great Lakes and down east Maine 

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So out front today Spey casting .
Yes you can do it.


Mike O yes you can do it without an instructor. Lol. Just kidding Mike. 


It’s a matter of timing the anchor.

Loops  outside the rod tip if anybody is interested. 

I was Spey casting low tide in different pockets of water on the sand. 


With help from a very knowledgeable SOL member he put me on the correct line and a few tips on how to achieve my goal. I won’t mention his name unless he tells me too. Big thank you. 

Casting distance,OHC is twice the distance of  Spey casting for me. 

It’s another option for me. 

I’m out there having a blast. 




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I am in North America right now. Met a really on it young man around 18 years of age. I am on a river and he saw me spey casting and asked about it. Long story short he executed after me demoing the cast a Roll cast, snap T. Circle C and a half decent 45 degree single spey. He was a natural but still he only needed less than five minutes of help to produce excellent casts. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s tough call unless you are a totally un coordinated person and even then you can be helped.

Without that smigin of assistance no real chance of execution. My message if you want to groove in a poor to average cast then save money and teach yourself. The clever money does different. But barking up this tree of reason is a total waste of time. I must question myself why do I do this. LOL.




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34 mins ago, Mike Oliver said:

Thanks Tom..Wonderful Country with wonderful people. I am trying to catch Steelhead but am not very good at it, all the same it is a great experience. Trying indicator, swinging and centre pinning.


What river are you trying to catch the steelhead on

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1 hour ago, Mike Oliver said:

Right now gin. Falling river. No serious rain in a while. Ohio Tribs are on their bones. Too many people as only show on town. You get there in the dark or you don’t get first shot at your favourite run. Fish have seen every egg fly in the book.


Beautiful river.




Did you get a permit for the lower cat or just fishing the upper 

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I don’t know the geography well as a first time visitor.I am fishing in the Indian Reservation. The river goes under the Route 20 or route 5. There is a big rotary. A fantastic Mom and Pops diner called Toms. Does this pinpoint me for you. Ah my digs are in Dunkirk and we drive through Silver Creek to get to the river.



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