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Mac Jones

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Even the commentators on the national broadcast are suggesting the patriots may have to reevaluate their QB situation…he stunk last week too. But the ‘ a win is a win’ crew came calling and all but masked his performance. Now his crappy performance was on full display while the rest of his team couldn’t get anything started either. 

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Sorry to say this team has mostly C- talent across the board, gonna be a long, long, long season.

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Mac played outstanding for Dallas, great game plan.... 


I never really saw a big difference between Zappe and Jones even from previous years. 


I wonder what Jones will whining about next week. 


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2 mins ago, albacized said:

In all I said in my previous posts, I had forgotten Jones also coughed up a fumble that was returned for a TD

He was Zack Wilson like. 8 wins last year, 3 were Zappe, and remaining 5  were against back up QBs or worse. And all non playoff teams.....he tops out at good. Not great and not elite. 3 years in and I think most people that may have supported him have seen  enough. I had the pats going 6-11 and now that might be too high.


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8 hours ago, iphish said:

He was Zack Wilson like.

Say what you will, but Zach’s ceiling is higher than Big Mac. By a yard or more.

I'll ignore your cheap aroma,

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