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Century Slingshot vs Surfmachine vs The Weapon

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Good Day


I posted this on the rod builders forum and got some information there but it was suggested I post here as well.


Perhaps someone who has fished the rods in question has some real world experience to share?


Any Information would be valuable.


I throw primarily 2-2.5oz spoons, 5” Paddletails on 2 oz jigheads(2.8oz total) and 1.8oz plugs. I will also occasionally throw 1.3oz spoons, 6” Paddletails on a 2oz Jighead(3oz total) and 2 oz bucktails.


At hits stage the 9'6" 1145 blank seems to tick all the boxes but before I commit...


  1. What is the difference between the Sling Shot and the Surf Machine (either SM9 or 10LB), I am under the impression that the SM has a slower action?
  2. I am under the impression that the Weapon (10872 or 12052) is a tougher more versatile rod but that some casting distance is sacrificed compared to the Sling Shot. Is my impression correct? Or does it do everything better?
  3. The mass of the blanks are not listed on the website, where can I get those?
  4. Are there any other recommendations?





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The surf machine is amazing. Throws up to 3oz extremely well. Worth the money. The 1267 slingshot is probably the best casting rod I’ve ever handled. Line sails thru the guides effortlessly like a knife thru melted butter. I’m not that much of a fan of the weapon cuz it doesn’t seem like it would survive my hooksets after 2 months

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Thanks for all the replies. Based on the info that I have gathered it is a toss up between the 9'6" 3/4-3oz Slingshot (S1145) or I close my eyes and fork out the extra $ for the 10' 1/2-3oz Weapon (ISS12052).


I had a discussion with my good friend ZAFisher yesterday and he has suggested that the technology in the Weapon justifies a premium over the Slingshot.


I have one more question for @AF Mike


I have found a weight of 4.3oz for the S1145 Blank on-line, but I am not finding a weight for the ISS12052. What does the ISS12052 blank weigh please?

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