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Sourcing Affordable tungsten jigs

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a good source for affordable bare tungsten jig heads? 


I used to fish jigs all the time after nh passed the lead ban I spent a season messing around with tin jigs and my success went downhill. Have had good luck with tungsten but $$$. Even though there is little enforcement on this I'm trying to be a legal beagle and set a good example for my kids.

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Having switched over to mostly, not all non toxic weights and jigs, my advice is to shop around. Prices are all over the place it seems. You and I have no idea how to measure the purity of the tungsten used in making the jigs or weights, so I go by price. Low bidder gets my business. I also pour my own tin weights and jigs using a tin bismuth alloy. Weights are pretty close to lead, though not as dense. You'll get a little slower fall. With tungsten, I can use a size down just because of the sink rate.

I use tungsten locally, But if fishing someplace like Winni, or Quabbin, where there are enough rocks for more jigs than my tackle bag can hold, I'll use my tin stuff.

Good place to compare prices, Tackle Warehouse, or Amazon. If I'm buying, I buy from a company called Nako. Chinese but they have a warehouse (?) in Tennessee, so shipping is fast.

Once you buy from them, they keep sending coupons to your inbox for 15% off or 10% off. Makes a big difference with a big order.

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On 9/23/2023 at 9:48 PM, Mountain Brookies said:

Thank You. For whatever reason I had trouble with the tin bismuth stuff at first. Especially jigheads and split shot. I'll check out nako.  

Pouring them or fishing them? Pouring them is a bit more of a PITA than lead. And I can't imagine trying to crimp a split shot on. Tin bismuth alloy is kind of fragile.  use an alloy that melts at a higher temp, and contains more bismuth.

I toyed with the idea of adding tungsten powder to the alloy, but there is no way to pour with consistent results.

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