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Inflatable PFD

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I'm a naysayer on inflatables, some studies found a 10% failure rate. I'd hate to have something my life might depend on banging around the boat or truck with sharp objects aplenty and not knowing whether it will actually work til I need it. Most people don't change the charge as frequently as they should either.  I wear a NRS Chinook foam floatation kayaking PFD if I'm in my kayak, period. Lots of pockets for crap just like a fishing vest. 

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Gellfex stirred my interest in the failure rate, apparently there aren't reliable numbers available.

Nonetheless here's some information that was worth reading. Also be thoughtful where you sore it I left mine in a damp location which set if off.


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Thanks a lot - I’ll have to consider whether just to wear a type II or even type 1 vest. This is for kayaking, in what I’d call light/fair weather kayaking. I’ve had one previous kayak ownership experience many years ago (roughly circa 2008-2010), and while I don’t recall many of the smaller details from back then, I did (despite numerous warnings that I’d be very uncomfortable) wear a type I jacket and don’t recall it being particularly restraining or uncomfortable 


the yak itself has a reputation of being very stable (old town 12’ pedal drive sportsman)…I’ve been asking more specific kayak related questions in that forum, but thought I’d get a more broader range of answers by posting a PFD question here.

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1 hour ago, Portland Bill said:

Any inflated auto or manual life jacket will prevent you from climbing back on a kayak. A pfd is a better solution.

Good point :th:. I watch kayak fisher Elias on yt and noticed his vest has a large portion of flotation above the shoulder blades. I imagine it's done this way for comfort .

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Owner has a new pfd vest that looks nice. for warmer weather use, or light cold, and mobility.

15lb flotation. some water resistance front pockets for phones and bits. some more inside.

i think it even comes with a whistle inside the collar.

Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 15-25-33 Owner Cultiva Gekito Game Vest _ Body protector COOL.png

i use 2/3 rule for trading. join date, posts, or vouch. whoever has less goes first.

(*member formerly known as 'ooeric')

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