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Grady White 306 Bimini

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If you know of one that might be sale, I would like to talk to the owner(s)


I am in a Grady Escape, a 20' center console with no T-top. Perfect for in close rocky shore fishing. A big feeling 20 footer. But I can't handle long periods in the hot sun like I used to, so it is time to get some shade. I could add a T-top, but the boat is better without one, IMO. So if I am going to be adding a T-top, I might as well add some length too. Built in head in console was a plus at the homefront. 30 is the largest I would consider for what I do as I get tight. And it might be too big for that, but that is my starting point.

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Yeah, I hear you.

I can’t take the sun anymore, either.

I did all the same stuff that you’re doing.

T-Top, Bimini, bigger boat, etc.

But the type of fishing I do is best done from a small open boat, which I already have.

Going bigger is simply  going to cost more than I can feel good about.

Wifey does not like me buying anything used.

New boat prices are insane.

What to do, what to do ?


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I know a guy that had a Contender 21 as his first boat and a Reg 26 as his second and Regulator 32 followed by an invincible 42 center console and just this year a 46 viking. He said every boat felt big until it didn't. 

I went from a 20 to a 28 this year and I am good with it after a month, it doesn't feel so big anymore. 


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1 hour ago, ken r said:

All I'll say is the difference between 20ft and 30ft is huge. Not linear at all.

I agree. And if I want to be able to do "my" thing, it will likely be in the 27' range. I will probably step down to looking for a GW 271. Hopefully more available than the Onslow Bay 27XS I would really like to own... Those just keep asking premium pricing.... And the power plants on the one available have almost 2100 hrs

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