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Germany Sept. 16-17 2023

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Last Saturday the German club had the fisher king contest aka great stockie slaughter as I called it. The program was as follows:
07:00 hrs: gathering at the watermill – time coffee and then off to fish the local waters for 3.5 hours.
10:30 hrs: breakfast with fellow members in the old sawmill building at the mill.
12:30 hrs. final fishing session in the mill pond, 5 trout per angler max.
15:00 hrs. end of the fishing session, proclamation of the fisher king and the barbecue.

I opted to fish the stream near the mill early morning.
The water was higher than usual and discoloured, helpful in the shallow area I fished.
It was quite warm already as the night was cloud covered.
To my amazement I watched a mayfly land on the water in the early morning.

I fished the squirmy, my favourite for coloured water and soon had nibbles from small fish.
I also noted that the dace where going after my sight indicator.
So I tied on a sedge and caught one of the dace.
The dry fly was not good enough to coax other fish to the surface so it was back to the squirmy.

I fished downstream which was not ideal but with the murky water I thought I could get away with it.
My goal to catch one of the stockies who surely must have been swept out of the mill pool
by the recent downpours but I could find none… only dace.

The mill pool session later in the day was a total bust regarding trout.
I had exactly one hit of a trout, the rest only a roach and a few rudd.
The baitslingers did not fare much better although they had occupied the best fishing spots.
I was glad the fishing session was finally over because it really sucked.

The next day I went for a re-run to the stream but only late in the morning after the downpours had
The waterlevels had actually dropped, the clear water made fishing the shallows tricky and I hardly
caught any fish.

My hotspots where empty with the exception of one pool where I could catch a nice trout,
a daysaver for me.
After that trout I called it quits and headed to the pub.
As starters I took the mushroom soup, good as usual.
The main dish was brought forward by the landlady, try the chili cheese burger…
I did but it was more than I than I could chew… they did not tell me it was a double… stuffed.






















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