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What’s the most athletic thing you’ve done?

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Was working out with my daughter yesterday before she went back to school.  We were talking about the upcoming season and she asked me what the most athletic thing I’ve ever done was…. I was kind of stumped.

i think dunk a basketball maybe? 

what about


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Back when I was in the music scene I started dating a hot blond russian chick. By the end of the summer I had a ripped six pack. I’d say her 

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-Samuel Adams


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Define athletic. 

Do you mean weight lifting, as I carried 3 18 packs and a 12 pack from the car into the house with no mishaps...or I took a leak, and ran to the fridge for another beer before the commercials ended?


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-Thomas Jefferson
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High jumped 6 ft in HS.  Then Fosbury came along with the flop and made 6 ft trivial 

"I have ... put a lump of ice into an equal quantity of water ...  if a little sea salt be added to the water we shall produce a fluid sensibly colder than the ice was in the beginning, which has appeared a curious and puzzling thing to those unacquainted with the general fact."- Joseph Black

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Tree work 

"The toothless, braindead, *********, geriatric mouthbreathers around here love their "safe space". It is the only place in the world where they feel like winners, the gracious thing to do, would be to let them enjoy their delusional reality."


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I hiked a 16 mile ridge in the Allegheny mountains. 


I was about 50, my girlfriend was in her early 30s. Two of her friends and their husbands were there and the same age. The guys were both State Troopers...one was named Brent of course.


It was rough. Rock strewn logging trails covered in leaves. The guys kept asking me if I was alright...ribbing me about being old. I lit a butt every time they asked and forged ahead with the help of a black lab that I really didn't like, but she was like a tractor climbing hills.


I kept up, got to the end and passed out in the car before we got out of the parking lot. Slept the entire 3 hours home.

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IDK, did several sprint tri-athlons when I was younger.  Surfing big waves when I was younger . . . now it's getting up and down off the floor without using my arms or any support LOL.

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Back in college (ULowell) we had a friendly competition with some students for UConn to hike the Appalachian Trail in CT (52 miles) from south to north in 24 hours.  A bunch started early morning but only three made it in the allotted time.  I was was one of the three  We then had to drive back to Lowell and I slept the rest of the day and evening.


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