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Solar Lunar effects on fishing bottom species?

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So much is discussed with migratory sport species but I've often wondered, does bottom fishing follow the same types of influence?   You see the coefficient listed on ******* charts but does this apply for all types of fishing?


 Sold the boat this year and am fishing from shore or party boat.  I typically pay more attention to what tide conditions will be during a trip for both shore and boat fishing.


Still, I'd like to hear other points of view and figured this would be a good place to ask. 

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Full moon and new moon are my least favorite times to bottom fish.  Higher and lower tides equate to stronger currents and heavier lead is required to hold bottom.  Not to mention, in the 65 years I've been bottom fishing, I noticed bottom fish just do not bite as well during those times. 

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For some background.  Some years ago, I attended a seminar that was also part of a pitch for a fishing trip planning service based on solar lunar prediction.  A lot was discussed regarding tides or more importantly, how the movement of water pushed food sources.  An outgoing tide will push up against the inside structure.  It was really about predicting where to be at the right time.     The solar lunar part was kind of glossed over, other than that fish feed in certain cycles.  On my boat, I'd study charts when planning trips with modest success using some of this predictive method.


From my perspective, I've mostly followed tide timings.  The higher/lower tides thing does make sense.  The solar lunar part hasn't been as big a factor.  I've had great days out when it was supposed to be average and bad days that were supposed to be great.


Was planning a party boat trip last week but had to postpone it.  Tides were much more favorable then and this week, well, not so much.  Solar lunar chart says average but with peak times and tides would be when the boat is either heading out or already returned.


I appreciate the perspectives.  While they focus on tide, perhaps that is fundamentally the solar lunar effect.

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