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EP Mullet modifications?

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1 hour ago, Ftyer said:

Weighting a fly as needed is pretty commonplace. The benefit of tying your own flies is you get complete control over them, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding weight to these flies. 

That’s what I’ve found - still trying to figure out where to place the weight to make the fly still seem natural.   For baitfish patterns I’m assuming closer to the bend of the hook is better rather than up close to the eye to make it ride flatter rather than jig up and down like a clouser ? 

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I've been through a round of adding weight to biggish flies to try and change their posture whilst sinking and on the retrieve. I came to the conclusion that if you adding quite a lot (say 0.5 - 1gram or more) you basically get the jigging action of adding it to the front anyway. 

So now I carry a small packet of various tungsten and lead beads from 0.25 to 1.5 grams. I can add weight to flies on the water by simply sliding the bead onto my non-slip loop knot that attaches the fly. Adding the bead to the top part of the loop helps flip the fly if its a clouser, crab or half/half or the bottom part of the loop for a standard streamer. You don't need much weight to increase the sink rate - 0.3 gram is equivalent to small lead eyes, 0.6 medium lead eyes, 1.2gram large lead eyes.

But you'll be surprised at how little weight is needed to impact your casting, especially with a big streamer pattern.

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