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SD Surf Plugging

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Hi all. Long time since I posted anything on here. Moved from the northeast (used to work at SWE years ago) to San Diego a while back and have some time finally to get fishing. I'm up near Del Mar/Torrey Pines area. 


Anyone target white seabass with any luck from shore? Halibut are easier to come by from what I've read? Night fishing any good here?


I enjoy plugging more than bait, and don't mind putting in the hours. Working with a 10' 1-3oz Lamiglas GSB, van staal and pretty much anything you can think of striper lure wise. Curious how much of this stuff transfers over. Any lurkers that used to fish NE waters feel free to send me a PM, happy to meet up. 

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I surf fish Socal from SD to OC. Oceanside and SD bay (silverstrand beach) has been the best for fishing in my experience, its no surprise that's where all the bait and tackle stores are (literally between Carlsbad down to La Jolla there are no bait and tackle stores). The Lamiglas can work but most here like to go lighter. The waves are nothing like what you experience in NE where its stronger winds, stronger currents, and rocky bottoms. Most people have rods that cap out around 1oz. Give it a test, the number 1 lure here is the Lucky Craft 110 minnow. It weighs 5/8oz, so many people have rods that throw 6-12lb line and max out at 3/4oz to load up this lure. I don't know why this lure works as well as it does, but when people buy rods here in California, they often have a (3/4 oz max) rod focused on casting the LC110 and one (1oz max) for throwing carolina rigged sandcrab. You read the correctly, people will buy one rod just to maximize the fishing done by this single lure, thats how much the LC110 is loved. Buying bait and sitting in one spot is not how light line fishing works here. Unlike NE or OBX, we don't have fixed structures like reefs, the beaches are very sandy. This means a hole can move within an hour. You need to move along with the holes and forming troughs. Check out Anglers Choice in Vista and pick up a lucky craft (these lures are 20 dollars so prepare for heartbreak when you see them fly off from bad knots). If your Lami can load up LC110 then you are ok. The Lucky Craft is known to hit Halibut and striped bass. Neither are easy like you implied, these are the most challenging fish to catch from the surf here in SoCal. The easiest is using sandcrabs (tons in summer) and catching perch/croakers near the shore. Other than that, you'll hear people in SoCal mention you must put in the work to surf fish here. What they mean is you must walk up and down a beach looking for good holes to fish in. If your Lami is light enough for you to cast multiple times and walk along a beach, then its good. If not, going lighter makes the experience much better. 

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I suggest picking up the book “surf fishing, the light line revolution” by Bill Varney. It’s pretty much one of the SoCal surf fishing bibles. I’m not super familiar with the San Diego area, but I fish the Los Angeles area for the most part. To answer one of your questions, yes it is possible to target and catch White Sea Bass from the beach, most will e less than legal size and they are mostly a hit or miss catch. They do not typically stay close to shore for long. 

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I left california in2004. back then a man named William Taylor started a surf fishing club. He had us using east coast tactics,13' heavers ,big baits ,squid or sardines. never imagined there were so many shovel nosed sharks and leopard sharks 50' off the beach. it was a fun break from light stuff fishing for surf perch and corbina.

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