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Old wood

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gray gables

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The piece with the tenon came out of that first photo I posted. The beam is pine, the tenon and peg is oak. I took some other pieces and denailed them and jointed all four sides to clean them up. The grain on the oak is super tight. I’m guessing that wood is at least 300 yrs old or so. The pine I’m going to the professor and he can do his magic on it. The oak is going to another plug maker. I’m hoping to get some more once we start cutting into the old roof/house. 

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7 hours ago, Ben Lippen said:

Oh man.... This here is a blind mortise. It's never made to be seen again after assembly. 

I've never seen a cross section like that. I would save that, for sure.  Just for show and tell....


I’m definitely going to save it. I might give it back to the homeowners, we’ll see. I’ll take photos of the interior roof framing when we start cutting into it. You would enjoy this place and how it’s built. 

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6 hours ago, ExcessiveAngler said:

Any updates on this?
This was definitely pretty neat!

Not really, place is all framed, insulated and sheetrockeed. Doing tile and finish work now. I haven’t had any time to cut into that pine beam yet, been to busy. I need a bandsaw to resaw it into manageable pieces. I’ll post photos of it when I do. 

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I've saved just a few pieces from the many historic home and churche jobs I worked at. An original hand split shake with rosette nail in it from St Peters in Freehold NJ that was found inside a wall, a piece from the bell tower that we rebuilt at Lawrenceville Presbyterian in Princeton. Redid the sill plates on a place in Millstone that one of Lincolns son had owned at one time and kept a M and T joint with its oak nail. I thought it was cool to have then but now their dust catchers that nobody wants .

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