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Offshore Tuna Bite

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   There has been good Tuna fishing close to home!  Anywhere From 20 to 40 miles off the mainland gets you on the tuna grounds.  White marlin, sharks and mahi as bycatch, and seeing sea turtles, porpoise and whales makes for a great day on the water.  
        I’m interested to see if there are any other guys on this forum making the run offshore from RI.   Would be nice to share information and help each other stay on the fish! 




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2 hours ago, Shackleton1733 said:

Might be headed out end of next week, what were you catching them on?

Trolling or jig/pop?

Heard the dump has been good and even some caught north of the dump.

        I much prefer to jig and pop, but I have some sterling wide tracker bars If run and gun is not happening..     if you can get in front of the shearwaters you can get a cast or two off, fish are right under the birds… I was NW of the NW corner of the dump last Sunday and had a good amount of BFT’s around.. yellowfin pushed in, the last week-10 days also!  I’m hunting for a yellow on a popper this season!!   Dump is where I’m hearing is the hottest bite! Keep in touch!

    I plan to run Sunday or Monday weather permitting 

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    Left Point Judith 3am yesterday 7/18. Foggy but found tons of bait Nw of the Nw corner of the dump. A few minke and fin whales lots of shearwaters… ran inside the dump towards the middle.. thick fog made it difficult to find any life… I found a good pod of dolphins, they were in a playful mood, not feeding, fished the dolphins for a while jigging and popping with no luck,     *debris field of logs and branches 10 miles long from point Judith south.. be careful!

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Haven't been out since 7/8 the day of the large collision NE corner of Dump, we left that area right before it happened, very close quarters. It has been a very foggy month. We Went 2/3 bluefin and yellowfin and missed a shot at a white marlin and did very well earlier in the week on the 4th of July- 7/10 on the troll.


Buddies have done well on yellowfin at Tuna ridge last 2 days. Jig and pop has been producing along with troll. I Should be out there this weekend but wedding festivities will have me away all weekend. Tight Lines guys and let us know how you do.





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