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great for rinsing rods - guides - reels - plugs from rusting - waders . no more dragging mud - sand in your car . come back from a long day fishing when boon dogging or camping I've taking  showers the water is warm from sitting in a hot car all day. used a barbed hose splice added a sink rinser . great for cleaning - filleting fish and hands too . IMG_20230609_070105146.jpg.6ea618b54ab01f0465b008c488ac5bd0.jpgthought i would pass along. 

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I use a sun Joe 5gallon battery powered sprayer.


A bit more handy in capacity, you'll have enough to rinse everything off. Rods. Reels. Coolers. Waders. Bags. Shoes. And even partially rinse the car too.


They have also have a 2.5 gallon one if space is a concern. Shorter than the 5 gallon.



Those pumping sprayers work also. Just not as fast.


I avoid those cordless sprayers where you have to dunk the feed into a water bucket. Not that practically unless you bring a filled 5 gallon pail but risk the lid popping and flooding your car.

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