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For The Guys That Like ""Crab Mustard."....pic

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Child’s play lol!

Rip the top shell off why they’re alive, and squirt them right out with the garden hose!

Then load them with old bay and lots of crushed red pepper and steamed in a fine premium cheap beer lol!

And it makes picking them, cake work lol!

Now, the old man(RIP)would rip that shell off, rip them lungs out and suck that crab dry!

He used to say that was the butter of the crab!

I remember one time my uncle looked at him and said, how the hell do you do that lol?

He looked over and called him a candy ass lol!

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2 mins ago, bigfish4me said:

I was banging a jungle bunny stripper for a short stint in my early 20’s…. She tasted like strawberries lol 

Oldest trick in the book , they shove lifesavers in thier snatch .

Man I'm telling you her meow meow tastes like candy lol

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