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9ft pencil popping rod opinions

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9 hours ago, BrooklynSurfCaster said:

hey sol,


currently using my dark matter john skinner rod for daytime pencils (practically all I throw). 


looking for something a little softer in the tip and ideally a classic for pencil popping, and preferably one piece. any recommendations?

Century Stealth or Weapon 

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a classic pencil rod would have a moderate or even slow (by modern standards) action, which means a stiffer tip, not a softer one.  


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I am unfamiliar with the Skinner Rod you mention, so can you state the weight of the pencils you are throwing?  I personally use the 11ft Century Stealth series S1/S2 (1325/1326) to cover the range of 1-2oz/2.5-4oz respectively.  My original quiver was the now obsolete 11.5 ft FSC Predator/Century 12.5ft HJ144L Slingshot cut 3in from the butt (though most cut it back 9 inches), so I must confess to being someone who carries backup outfits in my 4Runner for guests or occurrences such as wind knots in the middle of the night (when I just reach for the backup outfit instead of attempting resolution in the middle of a fishing session).

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15 hours ago, redfin said:

I have been away from the custom rod side of things for awhile but mostly since you are considering one piece, I would look at something custom built. The Lami 1083m used to be THE light pencil stick of the beaches. 

100% agree. I built a 9’ pencil rod years ago and it was this. I would do it again in a heart beat. 

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