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RI Fish Report Blog, May 22 - May 28

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Yesterday morning, I fished from a shore along the Block Island Sound.  Although the conditions were splendid--such as the sunrise and outgoing tide--I failed to catch any fish.  Nobody else did either.  I kept fishing the incoming tide.  Still nothing.  Little by little people around me accepted defeat then left as new faces--enthusiastic, optimistic, and unfamiliar with the situation--appeared only to fish for a few hours until they too exited in haste.  A guy near me was chunking and caught a small shark. Out in the water, a kayaker traveled every way, casting and pausing, zigging and zagging,  until he finally called it a day. 


In the end, most people returned to their vehicles with similar stern looks and perturbed demeanors.    


At the very least, the shore was pleasant.      

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Its been a strange and very inconsistent spring, tough to find any steady pattern.  With current bass bio mass as it is this may be the new pattern, feast or famine.  You either hit the jackpot with a school of fish or you are casting to empty water.  Im struggling to find any place that is consistently holding bait.

^^ I didnt even notice it didnt get censored, I guess anal is acceptable in SOL....
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 FYI         I fished the mid bay yesterday 


           Lock & load sea bass , tautog , Scup 


           all short tog , Sea Bass ran from med to Jo,s  & Scup ran from large to jo,s 


            the Scup were larger than the sea bass . crazy fishing . but when it stopped an the moved / all of them moved  .couldnt find them .. stayin on shore the next  2 / 3 days      way to many boats  of all sizes an speeds   the only thing they have in common  is they all don,t have any idea of what they are doing or going     scup 16 / 17" 

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