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May 2023 Fishing Reports

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Report as little or as much detail as you would like to provide the reader but please don't post specific street names or areas.

A specific spot is too much information!
It's not like telling a friend or two, posting it here is telling thousands. Doing so only creates crowds, garbage, and loss of our spots.

For example, you can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no.

The terms to use are..........
Monmouth County
Ocean County
Atlantic County
Cape May County
North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters.

County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays.


Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in separate threads.

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Ahhh opening day fluke....charter boats withing casting distance in the river....buckets...pales.....mugged over a 20 inch blue...Anyone need a nightshift buddy? Looking to head up to where I hear all the fun has been going on. Tight lines

" At night, in Jersey waters right off the beach, Summer time.... there be monsters!"
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53 mins ago, kurazy kracka said:

28"-31"?!?!?! Going to make sure that 2015 class survives, now just need that bull**** Chesapeake trophy season nixed. 



"Depend not on fortune, but on conduct."

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32 mins ago, bbfish said:


Honestly they should be fine, my wife always says 3" is big enough. 

I knew you had a… well-paying job. 



As for fishing, had a few brief SJ outings but tides & weather weren’t kind. Saw a calico crab shed or two and the remains of others along an unnamed beach. 



Can someone please negotiate a date swap of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?

Bad enough I have to schedule around baseball, spring soccer, and the wife’s birthday every April/May and then Whammo- Mother’s Day to put you/me on the fishing defensive. 

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