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Saltx vs van staal

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Even as a young guy, I never saw the point of putting myself in the water to fish.

Now that I’m much older and losing some physical ability, it would be flat out foolish of me to even think I should be swimming to catch a fish.

I will continue to fish from spots where there’s something firm under my feet and waves are not crashing against me.

A sealed reel has never been needed in my life and I suppose it never will be.

I still caught lots of good fish and I’m still doing it with my ancient, easy to service Penn Spinfishers and Classic Mitchell’s.

Those reels do not die.



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On 4/12/2023 at 3:02 PM, Fadetoblack188 said:

Guy how’s does the salt x compare to a van staal? I am currently in the market for a new reel. I am using a spin fisher 5500 right now for plugging and soft plastics in a 9’6 rod 


I wouldn’t consider myself a die hard surf caster but do it a decent amount.  Is the van staal that much better then the saltx to spend an extra 400 dollars?



I owe two van staal vsx 200 for two years now and I’ve put them on the water numerous times and they work great I would definitely buy another one

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