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so much for protecting breeders

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ECOs Issue 134 Tickets During Sweep Of Illegal Hudson River Fishing

You don't have long to wait for striped bass season to begin.

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Lanning Taliaferro,Patch StaffVerified Patch Staff Badge
Posted Thu, Mar 30, 2023 at 12:32 pm ET
ECOs Frano, Tompkins, Wamsley, Franz, and Swansen with seized out-of-season striped bass and illegally-possessed white perch confiscated during a sweep of fishing on the lower Hudson River. ECOs Frano, Tompkins, Wamsley, Franz, and Swansen with seized out-of-season striped bass and illegally-possessed white perch confiscated during a sweep of fishing on the lower Hudson River. (NYSDEC)

HUDSON VALLEY, NY — On the weekend of March 18 and 19, New York State Environmental Conservation officers swept through Westchester, Putnam, Orange, and Rockland Counties doing recreational fishing enforcement checks, looking primarily for anglers taking out-of-season striped bass.

Between Saturday and Sunday, they issued 134 tickets.

The violations included possession of out-of-season fish, fishing without a valid license, unlawfully targeting out-of-season fish, using an improper hook while fishing for striped bass, and illegal possession of fish, DEC officials said.


The officers also seized 35 striped bass during the weekend patrol and donated the fish to a local zoo.

Anglers are reminded that the season for striped bass in the Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge opens April 1 in New York State.

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59 mins ago, Joe Paranee said:

I have been saying  all along you be amazed at what people do when they think no one is looking 




1 hour ago, plugchucker said:

Won’t matter. The clowns that do this kind of crap have no respect for the fishery or anything else and will be back at it tomorrow with a 50 buck Walmart special combo.

In a different spot or region they think won’t be scrutinized….

Like finding the camera blind spots in a correctional facility. 

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I’ve spoken with some of the officers in that photo.

All of them are good guys and they all have a very difficult job, indeed.

In spite of what many anglers think, the Hudson River, North of the George Washington is not considered to be “Marine Waters.”

Consequently, Freshwater regulations are in effect there and those regulations specifically prohibit targeting Striped Bass outside of the open season (currently April 01 to November 30).

Unfortunately many anglers ignore this requirement and will target, catch and release Striped Bass when they aren’t supposed to.






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13 hours ago, ItWasTheDogISwear said:

This is why I thank DEC officers whenever I see them. Unfortunately the number of scumbags in this state is unreal.

Every state my friend , every state.  And getting worse. 

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We should be thankful that it was reported and monitored. That seems to be the uncommon part of this incident. The spill of fracking compound in Marsh Creek was way worse. Does any remember that?


It seems that freaking out may make it be hidden in the future.


Just a thought.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Ce n'est pas le mur derrière lequel il se passe quelque chose, mais bien la cuisinière dans laquelle on a brûlé quelque chose

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1 hour ago, ridenfish said:

Go to any inlet in NJ in the summer and you can watch undersized blackfish, fluke and seabass being thrown into coolers. F and G could just sit at any one of them and have a field day.

For a free entertainment day in the summer, I go to the Atlantic Highlands Marina Boat Ramp. Not only the amusing antics of those launching but watching NJDFAG approach the boats as they return to the ramp. The countless number of offenders one after the other mostly undersized Fluke & over limits of other fish, they confiscate the fish and have a Giant Igloo Cooler in the pickup that gets filled fast, this is common occurrence yet it repeats its self every weekend, as they say you can't fix Stupid. I have also seen the Local Cops called to make arrests with Handcuffs and off they go, 

As far as inlets and areas heavily fished There is a Comical problem NJDFAG has almost given up on constant violators.  Let me set the situation They approach the fisherman I call them bucket sitters that does not speak English has no Driver's License No Id & no means on how they got there, NOW what can be done but confiscate the fish that will go to waste in the end arrest them and do what with them call Border Patrol, this is NJ open boards home of Immigrants and Illegals, last fall I saw I saw bait netters in the Raritan Bayshore netting and filling buckets with Snapper Blues when asked the reply was bait. I called NJDFAG who had no one to respond to a common occurrence such as this, 

It no longer gets me all Flustered or Upset Not even getting into illegal Crabbing in Red Bank by the bushels or off the Amboy's,   NY NJ Harbor is Open to do as you want


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16 mins ago, John P said:

If we are letting aggravated assaults go  un prosecuted what hope is there that poaching fish will jail someone or even fine them. 

I've said on this site,I have fished LIS for 50 years and never been stopped or even seen a stop by the authorities. There is no hope for this type of crime stopping.

I will go along with that 50 Years NJ.  Hunting stopped -Approached - Requested a Search License checked might go so far as Club in Freehold being Harassed, Fishing Locally see wardens all the time mostly fresh waters, Stopped by Coast Guard Aux, for safety inspections. Once at Sea by USCG Cutter fishing off shore the Canons Tuna Sword fishing at Night was not flying a US Flag????? used as an Excuse, Fishing Monmouth County Park Port Monmouth searched for Alcohol by Deputy Ranger Rick refused the search as unreasonable he left. No Restrictions signs posted; He just pissed us off on how he asked. See NGDFAG constantly at Atlantic Highland marina and while clamming the Navesink.in Season. 

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