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On 3/22/2023 at 11:45 AM, Bluefishmaster said:

Phantomofthesurf, why do you care if your girlfriend fishes? Don't give up finding a girlfriend who can become a wife. Most women rather see you go fishing than drink to death. 

My wife knows many men in her family fishes and she loves to eat the fishes I caught. Just look for a girlfriend who eats fishes and not just salmon. 

Most foreign born and almost all southern states women I met likes fishing. 

Most young guys I met fishing got single sisters. Lol:bucktooth:


For me, when my kids and wife were young, I spent more time with them than fishing. It's an important part of building a family. :waah:When the kids got older, I started taking them(wife and kids) out with me fishing.:hooked:

In my experience, women don't like it when you have something that you do that's "bigger" than them.


Maybe I've just been with immature women. Either way, I plan to be single simply because time spent with a woman is NOT time fishing. It's as simple as that. True surf rat over here lol

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9 hours ago, surfflyguy said:

Very bizarre post.

I don't see how hearing many anecdotes in the past year about long island fishing being terrible, and wanting to verify those claims, is bizarre. Maybe you know my ex?

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