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2023 Hunting

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38 mins ago, pogie_boy said:

Some pics from our Wyoming trip this year.  It was tough hunting for bucks this year… antelope are like squirrels out there…






Aren't antelope in the goat family?  Ive never had any, how do they taste?

The Sultan of Sluggo

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9 hours ago, bob_G said:

Aren't antelope in the goat family?  Ive never had any, how do they taste?

Awesome!   I've had it a bunch of times and love it.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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12 hours ago, bob_G said:

Aren't antelope in the goat family?  Ive never had any, how do they taste?


Antelope are actually a unique family!    (See the *ckipedia text I paste below)

Many people say that they don't like the taste of antelope, especially the mature bucks, as the meat often smells and tastes a lot like the sagebrush that they live in and eat.  Though this might be unique to some of the areas of Wyoming (the only place I've hunted them) where they live in sagebrush and less grassland?    I happen to like it a lot.   It makes excellent jerky.


Though not an antelope, it is known colloquially in North America as the American antelope, prong buck, pronghorn antelope and prairie antelope,[5] because it closely resembles the antelopes of the Old World and fills a similar ecological niche due to parallel evolution.[6] It is the only surviving member of the family Antilocapridae.[7]

During the Pleistocene epoch, about 11 other antilocaprid species existed in North America.[8] Three other genera (Capromeryx,[9][10] Stockoceros[11][12] and Tetrameryx[13]) existed when humans entered North America but are now extinct.

The pronghorn's closest living relatives are the giraffe and okapi.[14] The Antilocapridae is part of the infraorder Pecora, making them distant relatives of giraffids, deer, bovids, and moschids.

The pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, with running speeds of up to 88.5 km/h (55 mph). It is the symbol of the American Society of Mammalogists.[15]

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