Eero nymphing.

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Done it a few times, just can't seem to be able to force myself to enjoy it. Deadly if you want to catch a bunch of fish, but somehow seems like cheating to me. 

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8 hours ago, CWitek said:

I like to believe that if whatever someone is doing doesn't hurt the fish, the river, or other anglers, it's all good.


I have to admit that I cringed a bit when I saw someone tossing spinners below the Hazel Road bridge on the Willowemoc last May (honestly compels me to admit that I saw such spin fisherman catch and release at least two decent trout, while we fly fishermen did nothing more than exeercise our arms), but I will also freely admit that such cringing was irrational.

Technically we are all hurting the fish, so in general, it is all a grey area.  Guys who shake and bake their fish in the gravel and pose for photos might be the worst.  Stocked fish are there for our entertainment. I feel less aggrevated in socked water than if I saw the same in wild water or for stiped bass.. Theoritically spin guys should land and release fish faster.  I have seen some fly guys play trout until they float. 


I hear what you are saying.  A really good spinning angler can put the hurt on a stretch of water.  It is a long drive to arrive on a bunch of stung fish, that may not feed again for the day.


I only visited the willowemoc once and was horrored by the amount of flyfishing trash everywhere. Tippet, indicators, leaders, packaging, etc.  Lots of anglers everywhere.  Not for me, but there sure are a lot of trout dumped there.  Its a problem with easy access.  I try to hit water that requires more commitment.


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