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2023 Edition: Fish taken on factory or custom wood.

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Heavy Hooksetter

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3 hours ago, Mr.Belmar said:

Dude, I’m waiting to see a pic of that said copper color Chunky Bunk with a fish hanging off of it! 

btw- I had a fish whack your Hound Dog plug this morning, then come back and swirl behind it… this all happen 10ft in front of me! 

I sure hope to.

May will tell all.

One free tip is spray some 4 day old fox piss on the tail of the plug, that will make them slam it instead.



An armed man is a citizen,,,an unarmed man is a subject,,,,,,,,

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On 5/10/2023 at 1:05 PM, Mr.Belmar said:


Fish caught on the TK surfster this morning. This plug has caught many… MANY fish and was a weeks long skunk saver today!




Special thanks to @TKSurf 


On 5/16/2023 at 10:30 AM, Mr.Belmar said:

Fish caught this morning on my BFD Big Fat Danny plug.  This guy nailed the plug and put up a good and memorable fight! 



Are you fishing mono?  I’m just curious.  I still fish mono once and a while.  

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On 5/16/2023 at 2:42 PM, D1fishr said:


Are you fishing mono?  I’m just curious.  I still fish mono once and a while.  

Yes, i actually switched back to mono on my conventional reels a while ago - I used to use braid but it caused too many problems. For instance- the line is so thin and has a lot of surface friction- so if you set the hook good, many times the line on the reel will bury itself between layers slightly- so the next time you cast it’s an instant back lash and often break off and lost plug. Some guys say that with certain brand braids that won’t happen, but I never tried. Mono is so cheap I can spool a reel for less then 5$. I guess if I used spinning reels I would use braid, but it just makes more sense to me to use mono on a conventional. In the end I actually like it better too for a handful of reasons 

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