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Boga question

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Noob question:


So I’m thinking I should get a Boga.


My reasoning:


Don’t want to buy a replacement every year or two:  


Been fishing now for about two years (yes, still a noob), and already I’ve had it with making an ‘economical’ choice that I regret soon after.  Have decided I’m in this for the long haul (even though I’m 65, I have a coupla’ decades left if I’m lucky) so I only want to buy good stuff from here.  Authorative sources say that this is good and that  this will last as long as cared for.


My question:  Do I need a big one or a small one?


I’m not so keen on actually weighing the fish I catch:


From what I understand, picking up a sizable beast by the lip and lifting it vertically out of the water (that’s how weighing a fish with a Boga works, right?) is not particularly healthy for a fish I don’t wanna kill.  And I don’t want to kill any of them.  So I’ll give up some bragging rights—maybe quickly measure length and girth and apply some algorithm, if it matters…


So what I’m interested is the ability to grab any kind of fish of any size firmly, and with confidence so that I can quickly engineer its release—and do this reliably, in perpetuity.


Does the small one do this as well as the big’un or do I need the big one?


Are there other considerations I haven’t considered?  Am I naive in any of my assumptions?


The main goal is to avoid regret in the long run, if that makes sense.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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If you don't care about the scale feature I would get a pair of fish grips instead. They do the job, are actually a little easier to operate and open enough to clamp a striped bass with one hand(bogas take some getting used to as the jaws don't open as wide)

Also extremely cost effective compared to a boga.

That being said I love my bogas, I use them as a lip gripper as opposed to a scale, as you are correct, hanging a striper vertically is not helping in their recovery. Usually the only time I'll weigh them is on the boat and I'll cradle them in a burlap bag and use the boga or a scale I have on board

I've never used/owned a 15# boga, my 30# has held up well to larger fish and is much more manageable to carry around on my belt than my 60# was, that's reserved for boat duty at this point.

Maybe someone can chime in with experience on the 15# but I think the 30# is a happy medium. Again, I still think the fish grip is a better choice if you have no interest in the scale feature and much more cost effective 

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I used the 15 and felt it didn’t have a large enough jaw. I also don’t care for weight or use my 30 too much. Really only useful with blues, most of my plugs are tail hookless.  On occasion I’ll break it out for a larger bass that still has some fight and I just want to safely remove the hook in a hurry. 

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I have a generic one that’s kinda flat shaped, and it was cheap. Has a scale up to 45 or so. 

anyways I mainly use it to hold the fish still (not hang it) so I don’t get hooked or a blue. Generally I’m fishing plugs with trebles , not just a single hook. I use it more often then not - it’s worth it 

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Get a boga 30 and don’t look back.  
Grab a lip gripper as well.  Both have their place.  I have found when wading very deep a boga can be useful.  
The big plus of a gripper is the heart shape.  It doesn’t puncture the fish’s lip like a boga. That being said, a boga 30 is a better tool than a gripper in the sense it grips upon release of the trigger.  The gripper can float, the boga cannot.  Bogas last a lifetime and if you don’t care about hanging weight a 30 is the sweet spot.  If you wanna be cheap grab a Captain Hook boga.  They last 2 years under hard use.  One can find a used boga 30 with lanyard and holder for $100.  It’s also tough to see the weight increments on a boga at 2 am on some rock.  The algorithm only works on spawning fish.  I have found the algorithm to be about 3-7 lbs over depending on size of the fish in the fall or non spawn class.  
All you need now is $150 for the gripper and boga 30.  Buy both and enjoy.  

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Boga 30 all the way.

Easily one of the best fishing purchases I’ve made.

Has saved me from teeth and hooks thousands of times.

I wish that all products were as well made and delivered the kind of service that a Boga Grip does.

Unless you lose it, it should last several lifetimes.

A plastic fish gripper is also useful to have and I agree that you should have both.


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I really didn’t care for the plastic fish grip, I feel much more confident landing a big fish with the boga than I do the plastic one. I also like to swim the bigger fish from the boat in gear and the boga makes it much easier to get a clean release 

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Thanks everyone.  30 lb Boga is where I was leaning.  I guess I’ll pic up a gripper as well, though I doubt I would carry both on my belt.


Already had a couple of close calls with treble hooks when the fish suddenly jerks almost out of a tenuous thumb grip…. And I haven’t caught any Blues yet and have wondered what that will eventually bring…


Thanks again!

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I also vote for the 30# boga-I think its an essential tool for the surfcaster.  The biggest advantage it has over plastic fish grippers, is that the jaws can rotate.  This can make a big difference when your standing out on a rock, a fish is thrashing around ,and waves are coming at you.  For me, its as much a safety device  as anything.

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