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White Pearl Paint

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For small and ' one off ' jobs I have had great luck with Rustoleum Metallic pearl Mist. Nozzle sucks, you waste a lot and it's expensive, but I find it gives the best finish from an aerosol. All the box stores carry it.....If you have a spray set-up, I highly recommend Kustom Pearls in Denver.



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I have also used the rustoleum metallic pearl mist- it’s one of my favorite finishes for the rattle can verity. 

When I first used it I thought something was wrong since it does not have good coverage. I emailed the company and asked- they said it’s designed to be a ‘mist’ meaning it goes over top/mist over another color. So you need white under it or a bone color looks good too. But I have found that it works really cool ontop if a number of colors and works great for fading colors together or just to add a touch of sparkle with a light mist over any color. The stuff is a lot of fun to work with

unfortunately it has been hard to find near me- HD discontinued it. And the cans go quick. I grabbed my last can over the summer on half price clearance at HD. I think the other big box has it tho. 

Createx also has a pearl white that works great too

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