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Beach Wagon question?

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Going to be buying a beach wagon for transporting my surf rods and tackle and stuff. Mostly going to be used on the very soft sand Florida beaches. Any recommendations on which one? Two wheels or four? Solid or air filled tires? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. They aren’t cheap and before I hit the order button I would like to hear what you guys think. Thanks in advance. 

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I would suggest air tiers, wheeleez are the ones on my kayak cart. The bigger the better so you can run them at low pressure and get the most surface area. I haven't seen any hard tier that does well in soft sand. Just keep in mind the low pressure tiers are much harder to pull on hard surfaces. 

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The air tires work better than the plastic ones on the collapsible carts … and you have to store the cart … a fishing buddy made one out of a walker with air tires works good … another guy made one out of platic milk crate with air tires and that works fine also … I carry two rods one surf bag ,  two sand spikes one folding chair in the summer … in the fall, one rod one surf bag …. No carts , to much of clutter 

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I don’t own one, but have used a folding cart that’s at a beach place we’ve rented a couple of times.


It’s got the large hard plastic tires.  Works OK on wet/packed sand but has a tendency to dig in and push soft sand.  On occasion my SIL and I just picked it up from the front and back and carried it to where the sand was more dense.  Worked great there for the family chairs and other typical family beach crap.


I’d go with soft, large pneumatic tires.  I like the appearance of the aluminum carts sold and yeah they are expensive.

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They also make three different sizes of carts, small, medium and large, and I have all 3 from 3 different manufactures lol!

I also have 5 different sets of tires, that are all interchangeable between the 3 carts!

I have the orange soft air’s, great for the beach and short travel on asphalt, but keep an eye out for sharp stuff!

I have the 2 basic pneumatic stock pairs with plastic rims with smooth tires and treaded. Then I have 2 pairs that I made, one pair from an old lawn tractor and the other pair made from one of those battery operated kids cars lol!

And actually, I have more that will fit from some of the beach carts with the big blue hard plastic rims too!

I love my little cart, holds four fishing poles a little cooler and milk crate with a 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid!

One of the nice things to get with the cart is the bait board, definitely get the bait board attachment!

I would also get the removable liner that goes in the cart too. It just makes life so much easier, not having to worry about stuff falling through because it does happen!

If you go with the medium or bigger carts, you can actually use that on the beach for other things with the wifey, like a nice big umbrella lol!

Put the cooler in there and some other stuff, keeps it weighted down and you stick the umbrella right in the rod holder. On some of them you can go right through the rod holder as well, if they don’t have the bar through the rod holder at the bottom!

The big cart is just that, it’s big lol!

I hardly ever use that one because I like the small and medium ones so much better!

And if you happen to go with the larger one between the two companies, one of them holds a big cooler just right and the other one, I have to actually squeeze the cooler in there lol!

If you want some measurements, just let me know, if you already didn’t take the plunge lol!





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Malone makes 12” balloon beach wheels, just over a hun for two. There is a review on SOL

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I use a 4Wheel Wheelez as well, the tires are expensive as hell - I lucked out and inherited mine from an elderly neighbor, the daughter was a Pilgrim and didn't come to the beach often so she gave it to me. I tried every type of sand wheel over 50 years and these are absolutely the best. I push/pull a ton of gear with it and the hardest part is the one block walk to the beach over the street, once on the sand you can put hundreds of pounds, the kids, your mother in law and gear and push with one finger

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