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New Builder Logic Check

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Just setting up to do a smaller run of metal lips and will be playing with a couple shapes and lips.


Just was looking for a bit of a check from some of you more experienced guys to weigh in on what dictates a surface vs subsurface plug.


My gut feeling is that there are about three major variables: weight/buoyuancy of the plug, weight placement, and plug shape.


I would imagine a less buoyant plug with a chin weight and a sloped/pikie head would tend to dive a lot more than positively buoyant, mid to tail weighted plug of the same shape and metal lip.


Am I thinking about this right or is there a variable I am not considering




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Don't forget about lip shape/size/orientation and relation of the line tie to said lip (high, low, mid, bent up, bent down etc.).

When considering wood plugs, the way you seal the plugs can also fairly dramatically impact their action & buoyancy as well as how you orient the wood grain in relation to the plug - densest wood on bottom or top acts as "natural" weighting and can help make the plug do different things.

It is all about the combination of these variables

There are some well known west coast pikies that have the sloped head and I believe have a chin weight but are strong surface swimmers; this would be contrary to your logic...

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Thiink that the higher the nose loop is on nose the more of a dive. Same idea as bending the nose loop up. I'd make a test plug. Drill two throughwire holes on the nose, one on center one higher up the nose. Then cut lip slots for each and go test on water. Try different slot location lips also. 



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Please don't ask the internet for a logic check. Just build what looks appealing to you. Your brain knows what's up I'd be willing to bet your visualization of what subsurface/ surface should look like  will do what you want. Take time to feel the body of the plug in your hand, enjoy its aroma, eye up the dimensions for a few minutes and place the weight where you think it looks right. 


There are a few "go to" rules when it comes to doing surface or subsurface but if you want something that is pleasing to fish for YOU as an individual just trust yourself. Too many people here over complicate things.


P.S. Don't measure a thing.

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